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DTMF Controlled Robot without Microcontr
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As my final major engineering project, I built a dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) robot without using a microcontroller. The movement of the robot is control with the help of various keypads of a mobile phone. Each key of a mobile-phone produces a tone, Which is a combination of two frequencies — one high and the other low frequency. At the receiver end of the robot, we receive these signals via another mobile phone. Then these frequencies are decoded by the decoder IC in a binary sequence. These binary sequences of 4 bits are then given directly to the driver IC to drive the two motors. These motors rotate according to the decoded output. Which helps control the movement of the robot.

Aim of this project is control robotic vehicle based on DTMF technology. Here is a circuit that operates the robot without using microcontroller. Today often we see in news paper very often about many robotics projects. Present project is designed to used it as such places very people can't reached.

This circuit consists of simple ICs such as one decoder IC and one motor driver IC, one pair of motor. Cell phone operated Robot is a Robot whose movement can be controlled by pressing the number of cell phone. The robot can move forward, backward, right or left which depends on the number pressed by cell phone. The property of robot to operate by the cell phone helps you to operate the robot from some distance.

The cell phone controlled robot uses DTMF ( Dual tone modulation frequency) module. It is capable of receiving a set of instructions in the form of DTMF tone and performs the necessary actions.

The robot is controlled my making call to the mobile connected to the robot. The robot performs various operation like forward backward etc. if any key is pressed in the course of the call, by hearing other end of the call (i.e. at the mobile connected to the robot). Each key corresponds to a particular frequency which is decoded by DTMF decoder and processed by logic circuit by each key a particular operation like moving forward, backward, right left etc.

The benefit is that we can operate the robot by using any mobile with the working range as large as the coverage area of service provider.

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